• Choosing where you will take your education in osteopathic manual practice requires careful thought. EOM was established 30 years ago and is now, through CIOT, offering its program in Canada. There are shorter programs at other institutions, some much shorter, a matter of weeks! These might seem attractive, but it is vital to understand that osteopathy is much more than just learning techniques. At CIOT, our concern is with those features of osteopathic manual practice that differentiate it from other forms of therapy. The most important of these features is palpation, touch. This cannot be understood or learned by an online program nor in a matter of a few hours.
  • Graduates of the EOM will join the established profession of osteopathy. A profession that is distinguished and dedicated to improve patients’ health and their enjoyment of life. CIOT will graduate student who are fully able to appreciate osteopathic principles and practices. Crucially CIOT graduates will be able to properly administer techniques which the fully understand in a safe and professional manner. This takes time.
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