• Osteopathic therapy is currently an unregulated profession within Canada. However, for the last two years the Quebec government has been investigating the best way to have this changed. Regulation will mean stricter controls over who can be accredited, and who the insurance companies approve. The days of the short, online courses offering a dubious education in osteopathy are numbered.
  • Increasingly insurance companies are reassessing the validity of many of the courses being offered by unproven schools of osteopathy in Canada. Thanks to efforts by the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths and the better provincial organisations they are understanding and accepting that osteopathy needs to be properly taught, by properly trained and qualified teachers.
  • The tightening up of the scrutiny given by insurance companies will mean that many students who have taken the less professional and less established courses will find themselves unapproved, with the consequent adverse effect on their income. Take away insurance company recognition and you take away most, if not all, of an osteopathic therapist’s income.
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