In the classroom

The Online Osteopathic College Campus is an e-learning system that gives the student the necessary tools to complete their background in Osteopathy. It consists of two parts:

  • Access to online Campus, where students will find contents concerning the course they are studying and also all previous content. These materials found are the contents that complement the training that students receive in class, non-contact contents about medical pathology and test self-assessment tools, online course of radiology with radiological images and interactive games on anatomy and radiological pathology. Through the campus, students can contact a tutor for all type of questions related to these materials and assessment tests.
  • Access to videos, where students can watch all the videos of the techniques studied in person, by seminars and courses. Over 1000 videos, which facilitate the study and development of practical content. They will also find a course about how acting in emergencies situation through short videos showing the different manoeuvres in these situations.

Here are some examples of the kind of material that are included in the online campus. Please also see some teaching presentations that illustrate the support that is available online to assist with the practical teaching seminars.