Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of low back pain.

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This is a 3 hour workshop for therapists interested in gaining an insight into the Osteopathic Approach to the treatment of lower back pain.  


There exists a high incidence and prevalence of medical clinical consultations due to vertebral column dysfunctions in general and to the lumbopelvic region in particular; in fact, its approach and management demands an extensive and methodical analysis of the different and multiple structures in association to these conditions.  

Successful evaluation , differential diagnosis and treatment of the different structures  entails an accurate understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics and pathomechanics. The lumbar region somatic dysfunctions as well as the myofascial chain dysfunctions  will have their place in our examination and assessment. A special approach will also be given to some visceral organs, such as the intestines, the kidneys and the gynecological tract, which can also trigger or be responsible for the maintenance and chronicity of these clinical conditions.

Treatment of low back pain conditions can be complex and confusing based upon the multitude of different tissues associated with these areas. By utilizing a holistic, osteopathic approach, we  focus on a problem-solving method to accurately and successfully evaluate and fix these painful and invalidating conditions.

Included in this three-hour workshop is a short overview of the most common clinical conditions in which osteopathic therapeutic intervention is indicated. Evaluation and treatment schemes to promote a successful outcome will also be illustrated.

Attendees will  develop an osteopathic overview of the evaluation and treatment of low back pain,  with diagnosis and application of osteopathic techniques.


To providing anatomical and neurophysiological basic knowledge that is intimately related to low back pain conditions, as well as physiopathological and pathomechanical clinical views.

To allowing attendees to identify  dysfunctions through osteopathic manual clinical assessment and their interrelationship with clinical findings.


  • Review of the anatomical structure of the lumbopelvic region.
  • Assessment of referred pain of the different soft tissues of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac areas.
  • Anatomy and Pathophysiology of the autonomic nervous system according to its implications with the low back pain.
  • Visceral osteopathic physiopathology.
  • Demonstration and instruction of the osteopathic thrust and soft tissue techniques to adjust the different dysfunctions, especially concerned with erector spinae and psoas major muscles, the iliolumbar and posterior sacroiliac ligaments, thrust in rotation for the lumbar spine.

Date and Schedule:  1:00pm – 4:00pm   Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Location:                     757 57 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB

Teacher:                       Jaime Camarasa  D.O. (Spain)

1995-1998. Degree in Physiotherapy. University of La Laguna, Tenerife.

Osteopath D.O. (Scientific European Federation of Osteopaths).

2003-2005. First and Second Level of Myofascial Liberation. Seville University.

2009-2010. Postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology “Regenerative Therapy”. School of Physiotherapy Garbí-University of Gerona.

COST:                           $50.00 plus GST

To register or for more information please contact Karen at info@eomcanada.com

(Space is limited so please register early to avoid dissapointment)

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