Ignacio Diaz CerratoPhD, Diploma in Osteopathy. (Spain)


  • 2012-2011. Official master degree for access to doctorate “Ejercicio y salud” (Exercise and health). University of Cadiz.
  •  Diploma in Osteopathy, after presenting the thesis to the International Tribunal (MSO-SEFO). Madrid.
  • University expert in Sports Physical Therapy (Complutense University of Madrid). University of Alcala- MSO, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
  • 1998-1995. University Graduated in Physical Therapy (UAH).


  • Director of Studies at the Madrid School of Osteopathy (EOM)
  • Director of the Postgraduate Institute in Manual Therapy (INSTEMA) and Clinical Activity in OFISTEMA center.


  • Second level in somatic emotional release. Tupimek. El Escorial, Madrid.
  • Postgraduate course of Osteopathy and Obstetrics. AIHSS, Madrid.
  • 2009-2008. Expert in myofascial therapies. Third level of myofascial induction.
  • Integrated therapies. Tupimek. El Escorial, Madrid.
  • First level of the manipulation course of fascia, according to Luigi Stecco´s method. AIHSS, Madrid.
  • 2005-2004. 6th Level of studies in Osteopathy. Madrid School of Osteopathy. Madrid.
  • I Bobath Seminary for Physical Therapy students (Bobath Centre of Spain). Madrid.


  • 2013-2012. Teacher trainer for Europe and South America from Madrid School of Osteopathy (MSO).
  • 2012-… Free professional practice at GOVÉS (own cabin). Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. Madrid.
  • 2012-… Teacher at the CJC University for Bachelor in Physical Therapy. Subject of “Osteopathy in Physical Therapy” (3rd Course).
  • 2008-… Teacher for the Specialised Course in Osteopathic Physiotherapy. University of Zaragoza.
  • 2009-2008. Teacher at the European University of Madrid, in Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Subject of “Osteopathic Physical Therapy” (3rd Course).
  • 2008. Translator at the International Scientific Meetings on the Temporomandibular Joint. Madrid School of Osteopathy. Madrid.
  • 2005-… Teacher at the Madrid School of Osteopathy, at its branches from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Argentina.
  • 2012-2004. Free professional practice at the private cabin “Dueñas y Cerrato” (Madrid).
  • 2004. Teaching assistant at the Madrid School of Osteopathy.
  • 2004. English interpreter (Simultaneous interpreting) at the Madrid School of Osteopathy.
  • 2003. English interpreter (Simultaneous interpreting) for the International Tribunal for Thesis Reading for the D.O. degree in Osteopathy. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
  • 2001-2000. Teacher of Clinical Experience at the Alfonso X el Sabio University.
  • 2004-2000. Physiotherapist at the ASGA clinic. Madrid.
  • 2001. Physiotherapist at the SPAR European Cup. Madrid.
  • 2004-1998. Home assistance services as a physiotherapist.
  • 1998. Volunteer physiotherapist in Mapoma.


  • Assistant at the International Congress of Osteopathy (CIOST, 2012). Oporto, Portugal.
  • Assistant at the XIX Physiotherapy Meetings of ONCE*: Craniosacral system as a biodynamic unity. ONCE. Tupimek. Madrid.
  • Assistant at the VII International Scientific Meetings of Osteopathy. University of Zaragoza. Madrid School of Osteopathy. Arasalud, Zaragoza.
  • Assistant at the VI International Scientific Meetings of Osteopathy. Madrid School of Osteopathy, Garbi University School of Physiotherapy. Madrid.
  • Assistant at the first Congress on Fascia. Consejo Superior de Deportes*- Tupimek. Madrid.
  • Chairman at the Scientific Meetings of Osteopathy. Modifications of the IOP and BP in Diabetics Type I. Madrid School of Osteopathy.
  • Assistant at the International Congress about Swimming and Spinal Column. RFEN (Royal Spanish Swimming Federation). Aranjuez, Madrid.
  • 1998. Series of monographic conferences of the RFEN. Madrid


Díaz-Cerrato I, Martínez-Loza E, Martín-Ampudia I. Modificaciones de la PIO y la TA en Diabéticos tipo I tras la manipulación global OAA según Fryette. ECA. Osteopatía Científica. 2009; 4 (1) 3:12. Web locator: Article 249.838.


  •  2012. Article about “Osteopathy and baby colics”. Available on the website: http://www.guiainfantil.com/articulos/bebes/colicos/los-colicos-del-lactante-se- alivian-con-osteopatia/.
  • 2012. Article about “Osteopathy and Obstetrics”. TodoPapás magazine. Nº of August.
  • 2008-… Member of the editorial board of the journal Osteopatía científica. Madrid School of Osteopathy. Ed. Elsevier.
  • 2004. Advisor in the article about correct postures. Cosmopolitan magazine.
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