The Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy

The Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy offers Osteopathic training for health professionals with a 4-year related Health Degree, such as physiotherapists, kinesiologists, etc. CIOT also offers a pre-course evaluation and examination to registered massage therapists with 2200hrs or more. Please contact us for further details. We follow the international standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) according to the text published in November 2010 “Reference Points for Training in Osteopathy”, and adhere to the requirements set by the European Standard UNE-16686, December 2015 for teaching entities for the training and academic qualification of Osteopathy and Provision of Healthcare in Osteopathy.

Our organization is associated with the School of Osteopathy of Madrid (EOM) which has been an example of academic excellence since its inception in 1989. Thanks to their considerable knowledge and expertise we are now able to offer, as the first branch in North America, the very finest of Osteopathic training and study.

CIOT aims to prepare students for their future as Osteopathic Manual Therapists in society through the development of their skills and the acquisition of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, and through close contact with other fellow professionals.

What do students think about us?

Madrid School of Osteopathy EOM


The Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy continues the osteopathic tradition set by EOM as well as remaining constantly up to date with scientific and technical advances which it implements both in its methodology and in materials and facilities.

The Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy devotes an important part of its program to the structural osteopathic methodology, without excluding the areas of cranial and visceral osteopathy, to which it devotes special attention.

To sum up our vision, Academic excellence through the creation of professionals capable of making a significant contribution to society and to the health sciences.


Academic vocation, responsibility, trust, perseverance and dedication make up our core values. We believe in what we do.

Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy and its commitment to ethics and integrity in the world of education.

The Canadian Institute of Osteopathic Therapy is an Osteopathic Institute that specializes in training Osteopathic Manual Therapists who already hold a related health degree as well as other suitable health professionals.

The management, teaching team and other staff of the are governed by solid ethical principles and this is transmitted to the students, making them adherents of this philosophy and helping them contribute positively to society.

Academic excellence and commitment to students are, along with honesty, responsibility and respect for others, the traits that our Osteopathic institute promotes on a daily basis to produce professionals with high clinical and research skills. We regard ourselves as a school of health science and we invest time and energy in our research department in order to make relevant contributions to the academic community. This is borne out by the recognition that the SCImago ranking gives us. EOM is included in the prestigious classification of Ibero-American institutions based on the criteria of academic value, scientific contribution and social impact.


To ensure that health professionals, physio therapists, kinesiologists massage therapists etc. across Canada, and in countries already with a branch of EOM are aware of our school opening, the quality of the program being offered and its importance in the educational field.

Who are our directors?

Directors of CIOT