The Madrid school of osteopathy (EOM) – Argentina presents the vii international osteopathy congress 2018 in the city of Buenos Aires.

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The Madrid School of Osteopathy (EOM)- Argentina presents the VII International Osteopathy  Congress  2018 in the city of Buenos Aires.

The event will be place the 11th and 12th of May, in Ramada Hotel and its goal is the exchange of knowledge between osteopaths from all over the world, with lectures from Spanish, French Italian, Brazilian and Argentinians professionals.

The Exchange of scientific studies will produce a valuable interaction between the participants, with discussions and demonstrations, being the subject of this year the Osteopathy and its relationship with sports.

Since 2009, CIOST promotes an evidence based Osteopathy and it does, gathering osteopaths from all over the world to make possible a solid transmission of the scientific content and the clinical practice between the health sciences specialists.

What is unique in the CIOST is its innovate proposal which gets to bring near the speakers and the audience.

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