VI CIOST 2017 international congress of osteopathy Campinas-Brasil June 2017

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The Brazilian city of Campinas hosted from June 22 to 25 the celebration of the sixth edition of the International Congress of Osteopathy (CIOST), an event that brings together osteopaths from all over the world to share their scientific and clinical experience and knowledge with other professionals and students of the subject. All this with utmost respect for the legacy of Andrew Taylor Still, while emphasizing the development and progress of osteopathy.

So began this most important international Osteopathy-related gathering, where science, art and philosophy meet at a common point: the dissemination of modern and advanced scientific osteopathy. In addition, solidarity and comradery among those present were palpable from the very first moment.

There were a large number of activities: 24 official presentations, 5 round tables, conferences, workshops, debates and two new interaction tools for participants: Osteo Talk and Osteo Fight




Among the large number of lecturers were professors from the School of Osteopathy of Madrid, such as Francisco Cocera, who dealt with the subject of osteopathy in women; Juan Manuel de Los Santos, who drew attention to publications in football; Manuel Alfaro, who focused his talk on osteopathic treatment in cervicalgias; Andrea Turrina and her presentation on fascias and the transmission of information; Ana Paula Ribeiro, who explained the principles of cranial osteopathy; and Jesús Aragonés, with his talk about the consequences and repercussions of anterior projections of the head in sport, among others.

With a successful gathering of more than 1000 attendees over the four scheduled days, CIOST 2017 started on the first day with the defence of their scientific theses by six students of EOM Brazil, the definitive step to obtain the international certification of DO.


“successful gathering of more than 1000 attendees over the four scheduled days”


The round tables drew the eyeballs of an attentive public thanks to the interventions of André Chediek, Ginés Almazán, Felipe Pellenz, Francis Cocera and Leonarno Nascimento, who expressed their arguments on the question “Osteopathy, Art, Philosophy or Science?”

Joaquín Ruiz, Fellipe Amatuzzi, Gustavo Bortolazzo and Koen Devriese also did the same with “The Importance of Visceral Osteopathic Treatment”. “Osteopathic Evaluation in Newborns” was another theme that captured the interest of those present thanks to the roundtable by Adriana Lacombe and Joaquín Ruiz, as well as “Osteopathy in the Olympics”, a subject successfully handled by Marcio Antonelo, Luiz Henrique Kaiser and Rogério Queiroz.

The last day of CIOST 2017 was dedicated to learning through participation in a series of mini courses aimed at shedding light on certain aspects related to Osteopathy, such as diagnosis in posthrology, herniated discs, evaluation and treatment of the central tendon, osteopathic treatment in cervicalgias and fascial creeping, all from an osteopathic perspective. These mini courses were taught by Rogério Queiroz, Jaime Camarasa, Leonardo Sette Vieira, Manuel Alfaro and Andrea Turrina, respectively.

The closure of the sixth edition of the International Congress of Osteopathy was greeted with the applause of those present who, once again, have demonstrated the success that Osteopathy now enjoys, and that this therapeutic discipline, supported by scientific evidence, is experiencing a boom around the world. More professionals every year are involved in this discipline thanks to the theoretical and practical courses offered by the academic program of the School of Osteopathy in Madrid, an institution with almost 30 years of experience and which maintains the highest academic, curricular and ethical standards.

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